4 LinkedIn Changes You May Have Missed in the last 3 Months

LinkedIn has been rolling out changes all year and the last three months have been no exception. Some of these changes offer lots of opportunity for professional service firms. Here are four you might have missed.

  1. Profile Edit on the go. For those of you that just don’t seem to have time to update your profile, now you can do it on the go. Their mobile app lets you update jobs, skills, headlines and even photos. Don’t have a photo? Don’t worry, the app allows you to pull one from your iphone or android. For more on this, check out LinkedIn Product Launch Video.
  2. Skills Endorsement. LinkedIn now lets people you are connected to endorse skills you have listed on your profile. It’s not a testimonial, but more of an affirmation or recognition for their skills. Why is this important? It helps build credibility and visibility.
  3. Follow the Thought Leader. Visibility for your content has never been so important. Earlier this month, LinkedIn rolled out a feature called follow thought leaders. It allows influencers/thought leaders on LinkedIn to be found and followed by anyone on LinkedIn. Are you a thought leader in a certain area? Consider submitting to be listed as a leader on LinkedIn.
  4. New LinkedIn Profiles. LinkedIn profile interfaces are changing yet again. Currently by invitation only (I am waiting on mine) they are rolling out new profiles that are more graphically engaging for visitors. Check out the sample and request your invite.

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