dreamstime_xs_41886041Spotlight: Launching a New Service

Launching a new service in an accounting firm can be daunting, especially when it’s not traditional tax or audit services. In this featured spotlight, we interviewed The Whitlock Company’s Melinda Thurman and Anne McCormick about the launch of their outsourced … Continued

h4 Ways to Help Young Rainmakers Develop Their Skills

If you talk to most CPA firms, succession of rainmakers is a critical issue. Building and developing the next generation of business developers is critical to a firm’s success. We see two common problems that prevent firms from succeeding in this … Continued

dreamstime_xs_49775848A Case Study on Social Media Advertising

Challenge For many companies, growing a social media presence can be difficult. For wealth management firms, it can be even more challenging because of the compliance guidelines that must be followed. While most companies tend to shy away from Twitter … Continued