dreamstime_xs_68181089A Case Study on Event ROI

The Challenge   Like many of the firms we have worked with, we had one particular client that hosted a lot of events. Events are a core part of marketing; they provide an opportunity to engage with prospects and position … Continued

revenueHow to Segment Your CPA Firm’s Revenue

  Beyond the 80/20 Rule We’ve all heard the rule that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients; but how often do you go below the surface?  Do you take the time to look at how your … Continued

Sales_Problem SolvingAre You Solving Your Clients’ Problems?

  Why focus on solving your clients’ problems? The simple answer is, why wouldn’t you? Most people don’t get into business to not solve their clients’ problems. When we go out and present ourselves to potential clients, we tend to … Continued

Pipeline MeetingDesigning Pipeline Meetings that Build Your Firm’s Growth Culture

There are many ways to keep marketing and business development top-of-mind in your firm, including reinforcing a consistent brand message, issuing performance measures related to marketing activities, and providing business development training. One effective tool for developing a growth culture … Continued

Which WayThe Right Way to Fire a Client

  Part of growing your professional service firm means you will have to occasionally evaluate your clients and make the decision to let go of the ones that just aren’t profitable or a right fit for your firm. This isn’t … Continued

Content_Lightbulbs5 Tips for Generating Content

    Content is at the center of most accounting firm marketing today, but developing ideas for what your target audience might find relevant can often be a challenge. Below are 5 tips for where to find great content ideas. 1. Mine … Continued

Whitlock SpotlightSpotlight: Launching a New Service

Launching a new service in an accounting firm can be daunting, especially when it’s not traditional tax or audit services. In this featured spotlight, we interviewed The Whitlock Company’s Melinda Thurman and Anne McCormick about the launch of their outsourced … Continued