email marketingEmail Marketing Basics for Accounting Firms

While email marketing has been around for a long time, there are still some accounting firms that are just beginning to embrace it. When it comes to delivering communications via email, there are some basic things accounting firms need to … Continued

NetworkingLeverage Your Marketing Activities

As accounting firms prioritize growth and marketing, many are expanding their marketing programs and increasing the time spent on strategic networking, content creation and developing packaged service offerings. While most partners understand the benefits of ramping up marketing efforts, many … Continued

LinkedIn_logo_initialsLinkedIn Removes Contact Export Tool

In another quiet move to change its platform, LinkedIn recently (last week) removed a key tool that allows you to export your contacts. Like many of the changes it rolls out, LinkedIn failed to communicate this to users. While we … Continued

out of time3 Tips for Making Marketing a Priority

I work with a number of accounting professionals on their personal, niche and firm marketing plans.  Part of that collaboration includes weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss progress made toward the items on their plan.  No matter the professional … Continued

NoWhen Saying “No” Can Help You Grow

I often talk with people at CPA firms who ask me the number one thing they can do to grow their business. My answer: be strategic or intentional about what you do. CPA firms or practice leaders often engage in … Continued

generate ideasFinding and Generating Original Content Ideas

Content is at the center of marketing today. From articles to videos, from blog posts to whitepapers – you can’t market in today’s environment without creating content.  The problem is, coming up with original content ideas evades most of us. … Continued