How to Better Target Your Messages on LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn now gives you several tools to better target your posts? If you have a large practice and multiple offices or very active niches, targeting your message can be critical to managing your flow of relevant infomation through the various networks, feeds and the company page.

Target Messages from Your Company Page

Company admins can effectively target post updates to show up to audiences based on what might be most relevant to their followers. This is a great option, considering many companies don’t have the capacity to build a showcase page.

From your company page, you will enter the post in the status update field as you normally would. Once you have the post and any links and text adjusted as you want it, simply click on the visibility box in the status update field and select targeted.

linkedin 1

From here, a box will pop up that will give you the option to select the criteria for you post. For example, you can select the industry, company size, geographic area or even title. Once you select you criteria, click select.

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Once you post your update, your post will only appear on the activity feeds of the followers matching the criteria you selected. However, everyone who navigates to your Company page will still see the updates.

Why Target Your Posts on LinkedIn?

For companies that have a lot of information flowing through their company page, this is a great way to manage the updates and control who they get pushed out too. If you have more than a couple hundred followers, this is a great time to consider targeted posts.

It’s also a great way to promote events and opportunities within a local geographic market or for a particular niche practice. If you are having a construction conference in Dallas, your healthcare followers in Ohio probably won’t care about that.

Additional Tips for Targeting Your Posts

In addition to this new feature, there are few other things you can do to get target visibility for your company page posts.

Hashtags are widely used today all over the web, including LinkedIn. This is a great way to ensure your content is visible beyond your follower base. Including at least one relevant hashtag per post and no more than three (so it doesn’t appear spammy) is a good practice.

Lastly, sponsored updates, are an additional way to get targeted visibility for key pieces of content. This is a paid option, so you don’t want to sponsor every post. However, if you have a really great piece of content, this is the best way to get more visibility in front of your target audience. The same field criteria that are available in the target update above are also available here. The only difference is this is going to people who don’t follow your company and you have to pay for that.



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