The Right Way to Fire a Client

  Part of growing your professional service firm means you will have to occasionally evaluate your clients and make the decision to let go of the ones that just aren’t profitable or a right fit for your firm. This isn’t … Continued

4 Ways to Help Young Rainmakers Develop Their Skills

If you talk to most CPA firms, succession of rainmakers is a critical issue. Building and developing the next generation of business developers is critical to a firm’s success. We see two common problems that prevent firms from succeeding in this … Continued

Embracing Virtual Service

There is a lot of talk among accounting firms about workplace flexibility and work-from-home options. In fact, many firms of the future are actively seeking out employees that will not be physically located in their offices. Virtual working leads to … Continued

Ease My Pain

My family and I spent some time over the past few days interviewing home caregivers for another family member.  As you can imagine, this process had a strong emotional component and involved a number of potential service providers. As the … Continued