4 Ways to Help Young Rainmakers Develop Their Skills

If you talk to most CPA firms, succession of rainmakers is a critical issue. Building and developing the next generation of business developers is critical to a firm’s success. We see two common problems that prevent firms from succeeding in this … Continued

Embracing Virtual Service

There is a lot of talk among accounting firms about workplace flexibility and work-from-home options. In fact, many firms of the future are actively seeking out employees that will not be physically located in their offices. Virtual working leads to … Continued

Ease My Pain

My family and I spent some time over the past few days interviewing home caregivers for another family member.  As you can imagine, this process had a strong emotional component and involved a number of potential service providers. As the … Continued

Should Santa Claus Be In Congress?

Last Saturday I was outside in the front yard when the mail truck pulled up to the box. I walked over and greeted the woman who brings the mail and as she handed me a small box from Amazon she … Continued