How to Forge a Relationship with a Reporter

With today’s reporters and editors being ultra-busy due to staff cutbacks and heightened pressure to deliver, it’s become increasingly difficult to develop and maintain relationships with reporters. Pitching reporters and working with reporters, editors and the like, can be described … Continued

3 Tips for Getting Your News Release Picked Up

Even if you think that social media has greatly revised today’s public relations world, the core of p.r. still exists: the basic concept of developing news about your organization and finding someone to publish it. Of course, that’s easier said … Continued

What Has Your Accounting Firm Done For The Community?

Without question, the accounting profession is pretty good about community service and “giving back.” We all regularly read and hear so much about public accounting firms and corporate accounting departments participating in a wide variety of charitable events whether it’s … Continued

Is Your P.R. Anchored in News or Is It Frivolous?

Are you familiar with the breakfast cereal Alpha-Bits? It’s a wild mix of letters, offering a somewhat disgustingly sweet yet bland taste. I have an idea for an accounting-based version: take the same concept and turn the letters into numbers. … Continued