How to Better Target Your Messages on LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn now gives you several tools to better target your posts? If you have a large practice and multiple offices or very active niches, targeting your message can be critical to managing your flow of relevant … Continued

Important Messaging? Test It!

As a marketer I’m obsessed with two things: the message of our company and the testing of said message. At the end of the day, that’s the core of every marketing department in the history of the world. The message … Continued

Like a Tiny Blade of Grass in a Great Big Field

By Rob Nance, Director of Content Marketing & Consulting Services at Inovautus Consulting Accountants have generally commented to me here of late that their clients seem to be “doing better” and those that were “in trouble” are now “hanging on.” Yes, … Continued

How to Use LinkedIn & Twitter

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5 Tools To Boost Your Social Media Productivity

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4 Best Practices for Social Media Sharing

I often get asked questions about how frequently you should post to your social networks, when you should post and what gets posted to which network. All of it really depends on your strategy, purpose and network. However, there are … Continued