Client Retention Program

Delivering a Proactive Approach to Client Retention

Client retention is among one of the top issues today for professional service firms. Even more importantly, it’s a key component to growing a firm. The more clients you retain, the greater impact your sales will have on your bottom line.

Client retention is all about client loyalty. Loyal clients are different than satisfied clients, because they are immune to advances from your competition and are your biggest cheerleaders.

Many professional firms believe no news is good news, but they don’t realize that most clients won’t bring up issues with the goods and services that are being delivered unless they are asked. (Think about the last time you had an issue with something you bought. Did you complain or did you just not go back?)

True client retention programs should both identify client loyalty and proactively improve loyalty. The Inovautus Client Retention Program works with professional firms to help them develop programs that do both. Here is what our program consists of:

  • Assessment of your clients through a combination of client surveys and interviews.
  • Identification of factors impacting overall client loyalty as well as individual issues with clients.
  • Recommendations on how to address and improve your client loyalty.
  • Defined program that can be implemented each year, along with guidelines for consistent monitoring.

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What People Are Saying:

“Marketing & Business Development is about more than just bringing in new clients, it also includes improving your ability to serve existing clients. Sarah’s training and coaching has helped me hone my skills and given me the tools I need to be successful at bringing in new business and serving our clients.”

– Nick Sickler, CPA Manager-John R Waters & Company

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