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Social Media Training and Education for Professional Service Firms

Digital communication, most commonly referred to as social media, significantly impacts every aspect of our lives, including business. Understanding how today’s leading digital tools are being used, as well as when and where to employ these tools, is a must for professional service firms today. But, where do you find the time to build your knowledge in this area? We offer social media training, integration and brand management and monitoring to make this aspect of your growth plan easier.

Understanding how social media tools can be used to effectively generate results is half the battle. Inovautus Consulting provides training for practitioners and marketing professionals on the following topics.

Our training includes one-on-one coaching, online training and live training.

We don’t believe you should use technology just because it is available. Inovautus Consulting helps you evaluate the digital tools available, your goals and current activities. Then we help determine when, how and where social media and digital communications should be integrated into your marketing and business development activities. Here is what you get:

  • Facilitated planning session with key professionals involved in marketing, communication and business development. This session results in a plan that addresses the tools you should use, where to use them, their purpose, who owns responsibility for each tool, and your firm’s social media policy.
  • Pre-facilitation scoping meeting with key stakeholders who may be involved in the implementation of recommendations. During this meeting, we will review research on your target-market decision makers and your firm’s growth goals.
  • Template for a social media policy that can be used as a starting point to address any items from the planning session.
  • Research and statistics to help show relevance of each tool for your market and the impact digital media has on professional service firms.

Brand Management & Opportunity Identification
Social media is a communication tool that can have a positive impact on helping professional service firms build visibility, develop relationships with key stakeholders and identify opportunities. However, leveraging these benefits can take a lot of time. Our brand management and opportunity identification program is scalable and can help you begin to use social media to help drive results through:

  • Monitoring of your firm’s brand
  • Opportunity generation via digital channel monitoring for RFPs, questions and referral requests
  • Visibility for blogs or your website
  • Relationship development and credibility

Here is what you can expect from this program:

  • Custom Media Landscape identifying your expectations and goals, target market, and the tools that will help achieve those.
  • Identification of the topics, keywords, groups, websites, blogs and communities that are relevant to your goals and should be monitored.
  • A process for how to monitor and manage the various levels of communications, including defining our role and the approval process for posting or responding to comments.
  • Monthly report of metrics based on your goals showing progress and results.
  • Set-up of profiles and accounts on your behalf.

To discuss these services further or for program costs, please contact us.

What People Are Saying:

“Sarah conducted Facebook/LinkedIn training for our firm. Sarah put a great deal of time into understanding our firm’s structure and policies in order to prepare for the training. As a result, her presentation was customized for our firm, which contributed to the overall success of the training. Sarah is a dynamic speaker who related to the audience, bringing thoughtful, accounting-specific examples to her presentation that resonated with the partners and staff. ” -Liz Ambrose, Witt Mares

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