The Four Secrets to Building Momentum for Your Marketing

When I talk to accounting firms about marketing, the conversation almost always turns to results. What will I get out of investing in this and how long will it take? I usually tell my clients that results will depend on a couple of factors. First, how aggressively or quickly do you want to move? Second, how well will you execute?

The Law of Momentum

Have you sometimes noticed the more you have to do the less you actually get done? Newton’s first law of motion states that “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force”.

When you don’t have momentum, even the simplest task can seem impossible or overwhelming. However, when you have momentum, tasks suddenly seem easier to accomplish; you start to see results and growth becomes easier to maintain. This is the law of momentum.

How to Build Momentum for Your Marketing

MomentumMomentum plays a big role in growing your accounting firm. Lack of momentum can hinder your ability to grow while strong momentum can skyrocket your growth.  So how do you build momentum?

  • Execute x1000

The biggest factor in building momentum for marketing is execution. You can’t see results on something you don’t do.  If you want to build momentum you have to actually get stuff done. This means insisting that people follow through on the marketing activities laid out on your marketing plan, on time.

  • Be consistent

The second biggest factor in building momentum is consistency. To stay in motion you have to keep executing. Starting and stopping doesn’t build momentum. This means you have to keep marketing during tax and audit season.

  • Focus and build on the good things

Not everything will be a roaring success in marketing. You’ll have to focus on what is working well and figure out what isn’t working and why.

  • The right activities matter

Building momentum isn’t about throwing paint at the wall to see what sticks. Strategy still applies here. Focus on strategic, high priority activities for your firm

Some firms can build momentum in months with an aggressive approach and flawless execution while others can slow play and take years to build it. For most accounting firms, when starting from the beginning, momentum often takes 12-18 months to build. Regardless of where you are starting from, remember that building momentum takes time. Focus on the items above and remember, going from rest to motion requires baby steps. Before you know it you will be sprinting towards growth.



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