18 Tips for Reusing and Repurposing Your Content

Most savvy marketers today know content is a critical part of any strategy. However, generating content can become time consuming and draining – especially if you are in a field where you are working with professionals whose main objective is to service clients and grow business (read: CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors, consultants). 

If you have been marketing for any length of time, it’s likely you already have original content under your belt. Here are some tips for how to repurpose and reuse what you already have.

  1. Refresh older content.
  2. Break down long articles into short blog posts for a series.
  3. Take similar blog posts and turn them into a guide or e-book.
  4. Turn long articles into a presentation you can deliver or record for on demand.
  5. Take recorded presentation and clip it into short videos to post on Slideshare.
  6. Create cornerstone blog posts. (These are posts that link to several other posts you have written on the topic.)
  7. Create internal links throughout your online content to increase visibility.
  8. Post your presentations to Slideshare.
  9. Record your presentations and offer them on demand.
  10. Replay recorded presentations live for an easy webcast. Simply postpone questions and have the speaker join at the end.
  11. Repost your content on social media, periodically.
  12. Link to older posts in your newsletter.
  13. Turn tips, how-tos, or statistically heavy content into an infographic.
  14. Turn email questions or conversations into blog posts
  15. Take a long article and turn it into a tips post with your main key points
  16. Niche your content by tweaking evergreen content for a specific audience by using relevant examples, terminology and titles.
  17. Add links to published articles on relevant we pages or blog posts.
  18. List links to articles and other content in your presentations

What tips or tricks do you use to repurpose and reuse your content?

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