2015 Predictions for Digital Marketing and Social Media at Accounting Firms

Wondering what 2015 will hold for digital marketing and social media at accounting firms? We have pulled together our predictions based on what we are seeing and anticipating.

  1. Video Goes Mainstream

In 2015, video is going mainstream at accounting firms. From website videos to webinars and short educational clips, we think video will become the new content form of choice for many firms.

The 2014 SocialCPAs survey clearly indicated firms were planning to explore video as a new channel.  We have also seen an uptick in the number of firms, large and small, that are considering video. Firms such as Deloitte, EY and WithumSmith+Brown have been using video for a while, but we are now seeing smaller local firms as well as slower-to-adopt larger firms embrace video.  We are also seeing video being used beyond just branding. Firms are  also using it for internal training and internal communications.

  1. Social Media-Focused Professionals

While many firms are adopting social media, not all of them are proactively building their presence. The 2014 SocialCPAs survey clearly pointed out an overall lack of sophistication with social media. Many firms have been “doing” social media, but most haven’t truly adopted it.

While not all firms may be able to have a professional whose job is devoted to social media, I do believe it will become a larger part of existing roles and responsibilities. Greater expertise in social media will be expected, and social media will be expected to drive results. It won’t be enough to have a profile, there will be great expectations about engagement as well as consistent social media activity.

  1. More Focus on Strategic Content

This will be the year accounting firms get more strategic with their content. It won’t be enough to just get something out there. Firms will begin to focus on making sure that their content more closely aligns with their key markets and the decision makers they want to reach. Editorial calendars will be used more regularly and I believe there will be less purchased content and fewer ghost writers used.

  1. Repurposing Will Be Required h

Given the amount of content and information flowing though social media, repurposing will be required. We have long been preaching the benefits of repurposing your content, but it will become much more mainstream in the fight to compete in a crowded marketplace.



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