3 Quick SEO Tips for Every Marketer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Some marketers try to ignore it, like the fanny pack, but it’s too beneficial to turn a blind eye. We get it, SEO is overwhelming and complicated, which is why we tell most of our clients who are redesigning their website or overhauling their content to hire a company who specializes in SEO. We’re also aware this isn’t an option for every firm, so we’ve provided three quick tips to help busy marketers to maximize their content exposure and dip their toe into the SEO pool.

  1. Let the Expert Guide You

As we mentioned, SEO can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned marketer. Google knows this and they want to help with their revamped Starter Guide. Users can drill into the specific areas of their website they want to improve or receive an entire overview of basics and best practices. Creating and promoting unique content is vital to firms that have a desire to grow and stand out among their competitors. In this vein, we highly suggest reviewing the “Optimizing Your Content” section. This area of the guide walks through tips for creating content that your readers find interesting. Don’t skip the sections immediately following that cover optimizing your images and creating a mobile-friendly site.

  1. Know Your Keywords

Keywords are huge. Knowing which search phrases visitors to your website are using is beneficial in creating and positioning content to make it easier for visitors to search and find what they’re looking for, which is hopefully you! By utilizing Google’s recently updated Search Console, you can begin to understand and improve your website. After registering your website’s URL, you’ll have the ability to analyze the keywords visitors used to find your site and identify what was clicked on once they arrived. You’ll also receive alerts for critical errors and will have the ability to test your website to determine if Google can successfully understand and interpret your content. You can also submit new blog posts for quick and easy indexing of content.

  1. Lighthouse Extension

We realize many firms maintain and update their website through their marketing, HR and administrative professionals, and there’s a good chance these folks aren’t web developers and designers. There’s a big difference between maintaining a site and identifying and implementing traffic increasing tactics. Google recently made some improvements to their free Chrome extension, Lighthouse. Simply submit a web page for analysis and Lighthouse will provide search engine friendly suggestions. Google is constantly changing their algorithm, meaning their preferences for how the search engine finds content, why not take tips directly from the horse’s mouth?

These are just a few tips to get you started on the ever-changing topic of SEO. For more information on SEO or if you’d like information on our website or content development services, contact marketing@inovautus.com.

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