4 Resources to Improve Your Content Development

Producing regular content can change your position from one in a hundred to the one your community trusts. Trustworthy content attracts clients, helping you build rapport with prospects long before you even know there is an opportunity. Reliable content nurtures your existing clients and cultivates loyalty. Loyal clients will recommend good content (= your brand) to their friends and business partners, and on and on it goes. Conceptually, content is a good thing. Developing content is where most people get stuck.

When it comes to developing content, there are myriad marketing applications and platforms, gurus and consultants, articles and recommendations. The buffet of offerings is impressive, but it’s also enough to make your head spin. Before you lose your appetite, I’d like to offer a few “bites” of the best resources that will help your content development efforts.

Google Analytics. Google Analytics (GA) assists CPA firms in their quest for better content by allowing its users to see which webpages (blog posts, industry pages, services, newsletters) are doing well…and not so well. When set up properly, you can monitor the performance of your content and pull statistics on the total number of visits, clients, and length of time spent on a page over a specific time. GA can also provide insight on what is or is not resonating with your target markets. When observed alongside distribution platforms, you can also measure the success of your efforts.

An advanced technique from blogger Justin Cutroni and his teammates at Google can help you go even farther with content analytics. The approach uses a metric that tracks pixels to determine if visitors are scrolling to the end of your content. To find out how many of your visitors are reading, and not just surfing your content, consider adding this free plugin to your website.

Pocket. Pocket is a news curation platform that helps people save interesting articles, videos and more from the web. Why is this important? To write content, you need to read content. With Pocket, you can use the plugin on your web browser to save articles as you read them. You can then tag and categorize your findings as you see fit. Pocket also allows you to explore specific content from around the web. You can sort articles using their bulk categories, which includes Finance (win), or use the search engine to locate niche subject matter. What do you do with the content once you have it?  Besides reading it, save the best articles to your content calendar to share with your networks. You should keep your finger on the pulse of trending topics in case you want to write a piece for your firm.

Grammarly. Technology still has a way to go before AI can replace the human editor, but Grammarly comes very close. This online app is changing the way business writers approach the editing process. Available as a free or paid version, this online app allows businesses to protect their online reputation by helping writers (and non-writers) put their best word forward. The features are too many to list here, but our favorites include the free browser extension (proofs as you write online content), and premium offerings like vocabulary enhancement, which alerts you to overused words, and the ability to choose writing styles. Choosing business vs. casual means you can elevate all your content!

Talent. Nothing will ever replace talent when it comes to content. If you are really struggling to produce engaging blog entries, client newsletters or social media posts, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a professional writer. Our team specializes in connecting firms with accounting writers who have years of experience drafting content that attracts the right readers. You can also look at freelancer sites like Copify.com or Upwork.com for general blog content or tap into the proven, quality accounting resources at Thompsonreuters.com. When hiring a freelance writer, be sure to ask if they know your industry or niches. Ask to see samples before contracting their services.

If you need help getting started with analytics, content mining or blog/newsletter services, we would love to help. Our customized approach will get you connected to the right software and talent and empower your team to own your content process.

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