5 Things to Do After You Write a Piece of Content

If you have a blog or publish a newsletter, it’s likely that you develop your own content. Most of the CPA firms, Law Firms and Consultants we work with aren’t short on content. However, most don’t leverage their content enough. Here are 5 things you should do after you write a piece of content.

  1. Post to your website. If it’s not on your blog, you definitely need to make sure you post your content to your website. Search engines love original, relevant content. This can significantly help increase your visibility.
  2. Share through your social profiles. Promotion through one channel alone isn’t enough. People are getting information from multiple sources these days. You should be using all the channels you have available to you. Tools like Hootesuite or Buffer can make it very easy to quickly schedule updates to your social networks through both company and individual pages (think LinkedIn profiles).
  3. Crosslink. Make sure you crosslink your content through your website or blog. Consider placing relevant link references on appropriate pages of your website or on other blog pages that cover similar topics.
  4. Repurpose. Consider how you can repurpose original content. If it’s a long piece, you can turn it into shorter blog posts, a SlideShare presentation or a webinar. If it’s a short piece, share snippets  through twitter or LinkedIn.
  5. Re-share. Most people posting once or twice before moving on to the next piece. Don’t be afraid to share content through your social channels more than one time. Create an Evergreen calendar for the sole purpose of reposting content. And don’t forget to space your posts out between time of day, day of the week and social media channels to get maximum coverage!

What else do you do after you write a piece of content?

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  1. Maureen Kenney

    Great ideas on how to expand or collapse one informational piece on social media sites.

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