5 Tips for Generating Content



Content is at the center of most accounting firm marketing today, but developing ideas for what your target audience might find relevant can often be a challenge. Below are 5 tips for where to find great content ideas.

1. Mine Your Emails/Conversations with Clients

Your clients are a wealth of information for content development; the questions they ask in conversation and over Content_Lightbulbsemail are usually the same thing(s) your prospects are wondering about. Consider tweaking a potential response to an email and turn it into an article or blog post, or document they key concepts shared through a conversation.

2. Monitor LinkedIn Groups

If you are a member of an active LinkedIn group, you may have noticed that many people use those groups to ask questions. The questions that come up in these groups will give you a good indication of hot topics within your target audience, especially when there is a lot of response and dialog around the question.

3. Share Your Success Stories

Look at your client success stories. What was their challenge when they came to you and what have you helped them accomplish? Case studies prove to be very beneficial in helping clients understand how you drive results and the potential value they might receive from working with you.

4. Monitor Industry/Professional Publications and Research Reports

Industry and/or professional publications are typically on the forefront of what is impacting your target markets. Monitor these great sources of information for hot topics and law changes, and determine how you can provide insight as it applies to your service. You can also find some of this information by downloading research reports from IBIS or First Research. These reports typically provide quarterly or bi-annual updates on the market that will, in turn, provide you with trending topics that you can write about.

5. Ask Your Network

Poll your network, engage groups, or simply ask open-ended questions about challenges your prospects, network and others may be facing and you will receive a wealth of information as it relates to your target market.

The content generation ideas above can help provide content for your blog, articles, whitepapers, webinars and more. Where else do you find content?

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  1. Brian Swanson

    These are all great ideas. Practically, I have seen where emails from clients about an issue or topic have made for great content development ideas. The one thing to remember is that when writing content to keep your audience in mind. Sometimes the tendency to be very technical arises when the audience will not be engaged bty such an approach.


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