What Has Your Accounting Firm Done For The Community?

Without question, the accounting profession is pretty good about community service and “giving back.” We all regularly read and hear so much about public accounting firms and corporate accounting departments participating in a wide variety of charitable events whether it’s painting houses for Habitat for Humanity, collecting coats for kids or delivering Christmas toys. People at firms large and small perform these noble deeds, rarely seeking any sort of credit or acknowledgement. As our profession certainly doesn’t want the spotlight, these activities fly under the radar, holding true to the purpose of helping and not promoting.

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If your firm hasn’t done anything like this in recent times, see what you can drum up. While countless individuals devote time and effort towards philanthropic causes, there remain plenty of firms that don’t organize firmwide charitable activities. Now’s the time to plan these group events for the coming year (and maybe even still do something around the upcoming holidays). If the firm has been quiet on these fronts, make some suggestions to the powers-that-be down the hall. People will benefit – those receiving the aid and those providing the aid.


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