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Content development and news curation continues to grow in importance and use within the overall marketing community – and most definitely within the accounting marketing world. From industry-based articles to curated news, your firm’s content highlights who you are and what you can do for your clients.


At Inovautus Consulting, we have responded accordingly. We help firms and associations develop marketing content for websites and brochures, technical guides, blog content and more. We also curate news that will be important to your target market, providing you with original content you can distribute through your own channels.


What We Do

Our approach to content development allows us to dig deep in order to produce materials that are specific and directed to the audiences you want to reach. First, we look at your firm’s growth priorities and identify precise, needed content. Then, our writers interview key thought leaders and stakeholders by asking the right questions to draw out meaningful messages. Finally, we translate technical content into business language that resonates with your clients and prospective clients.


Our content marketing services include:

  • Content Strategic Planning
  • News Curation
  • Articles and Blogs
  • Industry and Practice Specialty Content
  • Thought Leadership
  • Writing


Why Choose Inovautus

The first thing you’ll notice when you meet one of our consultants is the ease with which we can speak in both accounting and marketing terms. Our consultants have worked in-house at firms ranging in size from a few people to the Big 4. We leverage our passion and technical understanding of the accounting profession to create and curate technical content that tells your story in a language that your clients and prospects will easily understand.

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