CRM Strategy

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As the marketplace becomes more competitive for accounting firms, managing relationships with clients and prospects becomes a critical differentiator to help you stay ahead in the marketplace. CRM programs range from basic contact management to full-service relationship and pursuit-management programs.  It is critical for firms to weigh the benefits and costs in order to implement the CRM software and process that most appropriately fits their needs and budgets.

Our professionals have managed various phases of CRM projects, from internal needs assessment to software selection, implementation and adoption.  Depending on the level of support you require, our services can include:

  • Facilitating planning sessions with key stakeholders to articulate your needs, define your goals and expectations, and discuss comfort levels with certain activities
  • Reviewing your existing CRM processes and data
  • Providing a complete analysis of your CRM needs and available solutions
  • Presenting recommendations and facilitating a conversation on priorities
  • Developing an implementation action plan and estimated budget
  • Reviewing vendor contracts
  • Aligning your current processes to a new CRM system, and identifying improvements that will help in these processes
  • Providing guidance for communicating to key stakeholders throughout the implementation and adoption process
  • Consulting during the data clean up and migration process
  • Understanding other client and billing systems already in place
  • Assessing or developing training based on best practices
  • Developing long-term program ideas to ensure maximum adoption and compliance

Selecting and implementing a CRM system or process should always begin with an agreed-upon approach and strategy, and it should align with the marketing and sales strategy.

For more information on how to get started or program costs, please contact us.