Digital Marketing Implementation Services

Websites and social media are communication tools that can have a positive impact on helping professional service firms build visibility, identify opportunities, and develop relationships with key stakeholders. However, leveraging these benefits can take a lot of time. Our digital marketing implementation services are scalable and can help you begin to use these tools to drive results through:

  • Monitoring of your firm’s brand through digital channels
  • Visibility for blogs or your website
  • Relationship development and credibility

Here is what you can expect from our services:

  • Custom media landscape identifying your expectations and goals, target market, and the tools that will help achieve those.
  • Identification of the topics, keywords, groups, websites, blogs and communities that are relevant to your goals and should be monitored.
  • A process for how to monitor and manage the various levels of communications, including defining our role and the approval process for posting or responding to comments.
  • Monthly report of metrics based on your goals showing progress and results.
  • Set-up of profiles and accounts on your behalf.

We invite you to learn more about the services we provide in this area.

Social Media Profile Development

According to the 2014 Social CPA Survey (conducted by Inovautus Consulting and AAM on behalf of SocialCPAs), LinkedIn is the most widely used social media network in the accounting profession, followed closely by Twitter and Facebook.  We work with you to set up or refine individual and company pages in those social networks.  This includes establishing new accounts, writing copy, and adding photos, images or videos.  We can also help you promote these pages to your existing contacts or target markets.

Web and Social Media Analytics

Using third-party tools like Google Analytics and Hootsuite, we can help you establish measurement metrics for each channel and track and report on them monthly through our proprietary dashboard that shows the link between your website and social activity.

Content Curation

Sharing third-party content is an important part of building a presence online because it establishes credibility and will attract followers and engagement. Content curation services are set up around the number of services and/or industries you are promoting. We will develop a list of resources to follow and monitor based on your target market and areas you want to grow. We then monitor feeds weekly to suggest content that should be shared across channels.

Content Management & Development Services

Based on your target market, we facilitate interviews or meetings with key professionals to better understand your target market’s key issues. We will also conduct some competitive research to identify what firms who go after a similar market are discussing. From this research and our conversations, we will identify 3-4 core topics that should be addressed in your digital content and work with you to develop a content calendar on a quarterly basis. Content can be published as blogs or social posts.  We will optimize content for keywords or key phrases that will increase the search visibility. We will also link content to posts you have already created as appropriate, based on the topic.  These digital content development services can be stand-alone or combined with the content marketing used in other areas such as collateral and proposals.

Social Post Creation & Management

We will leverage curated third-party content and original content to create engaging social status updates and place them in a shared editorial calendar for approval. Once approved, we will schedule these across your social channels. To keep your posts timely and relevant, we will listen for conversations about topics and keywords that pertain to your industry and target market. Since social media is a two-directional communication tool, we can also ensure that you properly engage in conversations and responses to followers and other users to build brand awareness and reach.

New Business Opportunity Generation

Social networks can be used to identify warm introductions, which can in turn be used to nurture relationships or identify opportunities. We can help you to select contacts from your social networks, craft appropriate messaging and develop follow-up strategy to engage your networks.

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