Social Media Outsourcing Services

For firm’s that don’t have the time or resources to manage their social media efforts, we can help. We work closely with firms and organizations to set-up their social media accounts, build the right community of followers and then engage with those followers. Here are some of the services we provide:

Profile Development/Set-up

We can develop and set-up individual and company accounts for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. We also help you to initially establish a community.

Social Media Management Services

All social media management services will come with regularly scheduled meetings that will range from weekly to bi-weekly based on the scope of our work.


Using our proprietary dashboard, I will help you establish measurement metrics for each channel and track and report them monthly. Each month you will receive a dashboard that shows the link between your website and social activity.

Third Party Content Aggregation

Sharing third party content is an important part of building a presence online because it establishes credibility and will attract followers and engagement. Content aggregation services are set-up around the number of services and/or industries you are promoting.

Social Post Creation, Management & Monitoring

Based on curated third party content and owned content received and/or approved, we will create engaging social status updates and place them in a shared editorial calendar for approval. Once approved, we will schedule these across your social channels. Regularly, we will listen for relevant conversations about topics and keywords that pertain to your industry and target market. We will also proactively engage in conversations and responses to other users to build brand awareness and reach.

Weekly Social Media Follower Growth

Proactively engage in strategies to grow your followers. Strategies will be developed based on the specific channels you are using and your target market.