Pipeline and Proposal Strategy


Growth at your accounting firm happens as a result of a deliberate and disciplined approach.  Just as accounting professionals apply proven methodologies to technical work, applying the right methodology to your pipeline and proposal strategy can increase your firm’s ability to engage new clients and grow.

Pipeline Strategy & Tracking

We work with clients in developing a pipeline strategy that aligns with firm, practice group and individual marketing plans.  We begin by analyzing current clients and segmented revenue data.  Next, we help to identify potential client types by geography, industry and market trends.  Through that research and analysis, we identify potential clients and Centers of Influence (COIs) that should be approached in the firm’s marketing programs, such as networking events, newsletters and advertising.

Once a pipeline strategy is in place, we help firms measure progress against goals, typically through setting up regular pipeline meetings and utilizing tracking tools.  When a firm is getting started in this pipeline process, we often facilitate meetings, examine tools and provide guidelines in order to obtain optimal results.

Proposal Audits

A critical component in the pursuit of new business is your proposal process and documents.  We can work with you to assess your current proposals by examining how your firm evaluates and prioritizes RFPs, how content is developed and the overall flow of the document.  The result of a proposal audit includes a report with recommendations on how to streamline proposal production, create impactful content and strategically respond to RFPs.  We can perform these proposal audit services either as part of a larger growth audit or as a stand-alone service.

Proposal Templates & Content

One of the biggest challenges your firm may face is assembling proposals that stand out from your competition. Having the right design for your proposal template and delivering a document to prospects that is consistent with your brand and other marketing is essential to your success. Whether working with your designers or engaging a designer on our team, we can help you create a document that will not only stand out from the competition, but also streamline production.

When working with clients to develop proposal copy, we first outline their existing content and add recommendations for sections to include.  Next, we discuss industry and service-specific content with subject matter experts to edit or write new content that highlights your specializations and knowledge.  We focus on developing content that not only enhances your proposals, but also drives content development for your collateral, website and thought leadership.

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