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At Inovautus, we take a practical approach to professional development, integrating coaching and training into every service we provide.  The goal of our programs is to enable our clients to independently run their day-to-day marketing and business development efforts.

Professional development is a very personal and relationship-driven process.  That’s why there are so many programs out there, ranging from one-on-one coaching to large group training.  We understand that it can be difficult to know when to bring in outside training, what type of training you really need and what topics would most benefit your organization.

When Should You Engage in Training?

Often, firms and other organizations in the accounting profession will approach us for coaching, training or workshops when they recognize that their ability to grow is not as strong as their desire to grow.  Sometimes they need a refresher course on technical skills like social media and networking.  Other times, our clients are looking for manager and leader development in order to elevate the next generation of marketers in their firms or organizations.

What Type of Training Do You Need?

For some common technical marketing skills, we’ve developed programs that can stand alone or be tailored to your firm’s specific goals.  For those that seek help in building management and leadership skills of both marketing and accounting professionals, we also provide personalized coaching and workshops that are designed to be more tailored and focused.  Depending on the nature of the training and audience, we are able to deliver these trainings through the following channels:

    • Live or pre-recorded webinars
    • One-on-one coaching with marketing and accounting professionals
    • Partner and firm retreats
    • Conferences
    • International CPA association & affiliation meetings
    • CPA Society meetings

What Training Topics Will Benefit You the Most?

We offer a number of training and coaching topics designed to help you get the most from your marketing and business development efforts. All of our training programs are offered in a variety of formats, including live sessions, web-based training and one-on-one coaching.  Topics include:

In addition to the topics and formats listed above, any of our prior speaking, event or webinar topics can be tailored and used as part of your firm meeting, workshop or retreat. CPE credit can also be delivered for all programs. Contact us to find out more!