Marketing & Sales Workshop

Growth today is about more than just marketing or selling. It requires a 360-degree look at your organization. In this workshop you will learn about the key components to building and growing a practice and what high-performing firms do that others don’t. You will be introduced to the range of tools that are available and discuss how to select the initiatives that will be the most impactful towards your growth; you’ll also identify ways to blend various tactics in order to build a sustainable brand in the business community. This interactive workshop will include live breakouts and interaction, a facilitated roundtable to discuss your toughest questions and an action plan that you can take back to the office.

This workshop is designed for practice professionals who have a marketing or sales responsibility for their firm, including managing partners, partner groups, managers on the partner track and marketing directors.

Marketing Professional Coaching and Development

Developing a strong marketing professional or team can be a part of your firm’s strategy for enhancing and increasing their overall growth efforts.  There are many scenarios where our coaching programs can help, including:

  • Newer marketing professionals with minimal work experience outside of a classroom or internship environment
  • Newly-hired marketing professionals who previously worked outside of the accounting profession
  • Marketing department leaders who need to expand or improve the efficiency and capabilities of their teams
  • Marketing professionals who are ready to become a more strategic partner and to “have a seat at the leadership table”

We begin by assessing your firm’s current personnel, skills and programs.  Next, we compare this assessment with the growth plan and objectives put in place by firm leadership.  Finally, we create a custom coaching plan that will maximize the benefits to the marketing professionals and the firm.  Coaching programs typically run between 3 and 18 months, depending on the overall needs of the firm.  The ultimate goal is to create stronger, more strategic marketing professionals and teams that can drive your firm’s growth.