Should Santa Claus Be In Congress?

Last Saturday I was outside in the front yard when the mail truck pulled up to the box. I walked over and greeted the woman who brings the mail and as she handed me a small box from Amazon she … Continued

There Is A Season: Test! Test! Test!

Many common statements abound in business, ones which we can all agreed upon. For instance, “the check is in the mail” and “the system conversion will be quick, painless and without problems” aren’t always truthful or accurate declarations. Neither is … Continued

Giving Thanks in America’s Business World

When we look at our business and work lives, there are countless things for which to be thankful on this Thanksgiving Day. Certainly, marked on the “thankful” list is the ability and intelligence to perform our jobs. There’s the opportunity … Continued

Live Happy, Work Happy!

Guest Blog By: Adam Blitz, CPA, Manager Wiebe Hinton Hambalek, LLP   I am continuously amazed by how often I hear the following complaints – not just from CPAs but from the accounting profession’s leadership. The future is glum! Our … Continued

Is Your Accounting Firm Better Than Average?

How are accounting firm marketing budgets being spent these days? In the most recent Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) Growth Strategies magazine (for members), there’s a very compelling breakout titled Top 5 Spending Categories: High-Growth Firms vs. Average Firms. I won’t … Continued

You’re Checking My Credit History Before You Hire Me?!?

Should a job candidate’s credit history be a factor in hiring decisions? A sizable percentage of respondents in an informal poll of Columbus Business First readers indicates a “yes” vote. I speculate that the accounting profession would weigh in with an … Continued

What Has Your Accounting Firm Done For The Community?

Without question, the accounting profession is pretty good about community service and “giving back.” We all regularly read and hear so much about public accounting firms and corporate accounting departments participating in a wide variety of charitable events whether it’s … Continued