Building business through boards on linkedIn

Whether its your local non-profit an industry association or a business, being involved on a board can have many benefits. Those involved on a board are typically other business owners or professionals in various fields from accounting, law, financial planning, human resources, marketing, consulting and more. Boards can help build your credibility, but most importantly they can typically give you access to a group of decision makers and influencers.

LinkedIn Board Connect

LinkedIn recently launched  LinkedIn Board Connect, a new tool that will allow non-profits the ability to find board members and those seeking board opportunities a way to become more visible for these opportunities. LinkedIn’s Board Connect program includes access to its robust talent finder- a premium account (that typically comes with a hefty price tag) to help non-profits find talented professionals to serve on their boards.

The launch is currently in a limited release, but you can sign up here for LinkedIn Board Connect.

Want to join a board?

Being on a board can be very rewarding both personally and professionally. To help increase your visibility for these opportunities you will need to add volunteer and causes section to your LinkedIn profile. Below is a quick tutorial on where to find this section and how to add it to your profile. Don’t forget to make sure you have an well built profile by checking out these 7 Tips for a better LinkedIn Profile.

1. From your profile tab on the navigation menu, click on edit profile. 

LinkedIn Edit Profile Add Sections







2. Navigate to the add section button highlighted in blue below the box with you name and picture.

3. Select volunteer expereince and causes and click add to profile

LinkedIn Volunteer Experience






4. Insert your volunteer and cause information.

LinkedIn volunteer and cause information

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