A Case Study on Coaching and Mentoring New Marketing Professionals for Success


When your firm hires a dedicated marketing professional, you may feel overwhelmed or nervous about how to make this new-hire successful.  Not only are you onboarding a new employee, but you may also be pioneering a new position for the firm.  We have worked with a number of clients as they seek to create a successful environment for new marketing professionals.  Here is a story about an onboarding process we recently implemented at a mid-sized, multi-location firm, that recently hired a marketing coordinator to fill a position which had been vacant for over a year.


We were fortunate to be able to work with this firm early in the recruiting process, helping them to tailor the job description and interviedreamstime_xs_4176504w candidates.  Even before the candidate was selected, we created a roles and responsibility table to help clarify the marketing contribution of leadership, administration and the newly hired marketing coordinator.  We also helped them to form a training and priorities plan for the first 60 days.  This plan included interviews with partners to learn the business, becoming familiar with existing programs and open projects, and prioritizing projects based on the firm’s marketing plan.  We held a kick-off meeting with the marketing coordinator during her first week, which included a partner from the roles and responsibility table who would serve as her direct, internal guide and mentor.  Finally, we followed up with weekly meetings to measure progress on the objectives laid out in the training and priorities plan.


The immediate benefit of this process was providing a feeling of comfort for the new hire that she would have direct access to a leader in the firm.  She was also happy to have a roadmap to guide her through those first weeks with the firm.  The firm benefited from having a plan to clearly measure the success of their new marketing coordinator.  By the second month, the new marketing coordinator was up-to-speed on past projects, had met with key vendors like printers and web designers, was creating a marketing calendar and budget and had learned about the basic service offerings of the firm.  Both the marketing coordinator and firm leadership were pleased to see early positive progress from this new person taking over a position where others had not been as successful.

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