How to Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn announced recently that they will be rolling out a new kind of Advertising, sponsored updates. Over the past 12 months, LinkedIn has been refining it’s platform to streamline the user experience. They have become a central source where users … Continued

5 Lead Generation Mistakes You Might Be Making

We work with a lot of professional service firms. The one thing they always want is to generate more leads. Many of them have more leads than they realize at their disposal, they are just making some common mistakes. 1. … Continued

5 Tips on How to Say “No” the Right Way

Learning to say no is an important part of growing your business. It helps you stay focused on your strategy and goals and helps you ensure you are using your time most effectively. However, saying no can sometimes also impede … Continued

Measuring Your Marketing and Sales: Lead Generation

One of the primary reasons we market is to help generate leads. Yet, sometimes we forget to actually measure the opportunities we generate from our activities. Whether you are holding an event, conducting a lead generation campaign or have launched … Continued

Lead Generation with Former Clients

I was monitoring LinkedIn answers the other day and saw a post from a business owner asking if it was appropriate to approach former clients for the purposes of lead generation. Someone in the thread recommended that one should not contact former … Continued