Spotlight on Saundra Uy: Rainmaking Is for Everyone!

As a Tax Member and Director of the Small Business Department at Suttle & Stalnaker, Saundra Uy’s experience is strong and diversified. But in spite of almost 25 years of professional accounting experience under her belt, she was still a … Continued

How to Make the Most of Summer Networking Events

I often hear from accountants how they don’t always feel like they get the most out of their networking efforts. Many are beyond ‘chamber after-hours’ and want more interactions that generate meaningful results. Strong referral relationships always start with a … Continued


Over 30 years ago, professor Carol Dweck, Ph.D. first used the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset to describe a new way of thinking about learning and intelligence. Dr. Dweck said, “when students believe they can get smarter, they understand … Continued

Using Hashtags on LinkedIn…Yes, They’re Back!

At Inovautus, we love helping our clients learn how to engage with and leverage their networks through social media platforms. We often promote LinkedIn as a preferred tool because of its ability to help professionals build visibility and differentiate themselves … Continued

Building Next-Gen Referral Networks

Referral relationships are like gold in accounting firms.  These networks can be a source of new business, a barometer for gauging marketplace trends and a sounding board for personal and firm growth.  For staff or newer managers and partners, building … Continued

3 Ways to Grow Your Prospect Lists

Prospects are one of the greatest keys to increasing revenue but unfortunately, many accounting firms are struggling to grow their prospect lists. Oftentimes, this struggle comes from not knowing how to grow a prospect base in a way that generates … Continued

How to Get the Most Value from Training

Many of our friends, clients, and colleagues will attend accounting conferences this year.  With dozens of sessions, covering everything from basic marketing and business development to more advanced strategies and tactics, attendees may find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the amount … Continued

Jumpstarting Your Networking Efforts

For many of our accounting firm clients, September and October can be as crazy a “busy season” as January through April.  The fact is, almost every partner, principal or manager experiences several busy seasons per year, which often causes them … Continued

Leverage Your Marketing Activities

As accounting firms prioritize growth and marketing, many are expanding their marketing programs and increasing the time spent on strategic networking, content creation, and developing packaged service offerings. While most partners understand the benefits of ramping up marketing efforts, many … Continued