Go Into the Unknown

In mid-May I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to John Henry Livingston  at a AAA meeting. No, not the automotive AAA, but rather, the Association for Accounting Administration. If any of us in this meeting had encountered an … Continued

Putting More Air in the Tires

If you’ve hit a pothole while driving this winter, join the club. Whether there’s too much air in those Firestones or too little air in those rubber beasts (or “just right,” said the big bad wolf), there’s normally an opportunity … Continued

7 Ways to help you grow your business

Inovautus Consulting celebrated it’s 2nd year in business last month. We are super grateful to all our fans, clients and supporters. Nothing is more important to us than helping companies grow and we are excited to be growing too. In … Continued

CPA Firm Leadership Survey & Results Released

Is leadership an issue in your CPA firm? You aren’t alone. It’s an epidemic facing the CPA profession as a whole. As Baby Boomers retire, they will leave a large gap in the workforce. But, does the next generation really want to … Continued

What’s Your Pricing Strategy

This post originally appeared on Accounting Tomorrow, where Inovautus Consulting regularly contributes articles on marketing and sales for accounting firms. I recently had the pleasure of facilitating a wonderful panel of experts (Michelle Golden,Deb Knupp, Dixie Larson) on the topic of pricing for … Continued

Your Trademark – Someone Else’s Domain Name

Guest Post by Natalie Remien You have seen me write about the importance of trademarking and copywriting in the past. But what do you do when someone else takes your domain name? Up until about a week ago- I didn’t … Continued

What’s your generosity legacy?

The idea of generosity isn’t new, but its a word that isn’t used often. I have recently been inspired by two companies  doing some cool things to promote generosity. The first is Akina. At the beginning of the year, they … Continued

Remembering and Learning from 9/11

As I am sure many of you do, I remember exactly where I was when the first plane hit the world trade center and it changed our world forever. Normally I post resources I think you might find beneficial from the … Continued