3 Ways to Grow Your Prospect Lists

Prospects are one of the greatest keys to increasing revenue but unfortunately, many accounting firms are struggling to grow their prospect lists. Oftentimes, this struggle comes from not knowing how to grow a prospect base in a way that generates … Continued

Are You Solving Your Clients’ Problems?

  Why focus on solving your clients’ problems? The simple answer is, why wouldn’t you? Most people don’t get into business to not solve their clients’ problems. When we go out and present ourselves to potential clients, we tend to … Continued

4 Ways to Help Young Rainmakers Develop Their Skills

If you talk to most CPA firms, succession of rainmakers is a critical issue. Building and developing the next generation of business developers is critical to a firm’s success. We see two common problems that prevent firms from succeeding in this … Continued

How to Win More Proposals

The public accounting marketplace is becoming increasingly more competitive. More decision-makers are becoming savvy purchasers. No longer do they just talk to one firm; they often talk to multiple firms. Whether you were referred into the opportunity or the prospect … Continued