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Inovautus Consulting has a substantial track record in helping firms grow. We work with firms to: create and implement marketing plansdevelop growth cultures; guide talent development, succession planning or cultural changes; and provide specialized services such as content solutionssocial media implementation and training.

We excel in working with marketing professionals, partners and staff at many different types of firms, providing guidance, strategy and various levels of execution designed to drive their firms forward. Here is a little more information about the CPA firms we work with:

  • We work with between 25 and 40 firms per year.
  • Over 80% of our clients are public accounting firms. While we serve the entire accounting profession, our focus is on helping public accounting firms grow.
  • Most of our accounting firm clients range in size from 4 to 20 partners. For these clients, we help to build their marketing and business development programs and guide their growth as an objective, outside resource.
  • We serve many Top 100 firms, offering specialized services in areas where we can provide expertise and enhance their current programs, often providing a boost in growth efforts.
  • Our consultants bridge the communication gap between accounting and marketing, providing training for both marketing and non-marketing personnel at firms of all sizes.

In a nutshell, there are many scenarios where accounting firms engage the Inovautus Consulting team – but the common denominator is that they look to us for ideas and execution.

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