Creating Compelling Content: What’s Your Point of View?

Guest Post by Laura Sparks

There is no lack of information in our web-enabled world. Constantly bombarded with information from our phones, our TVs, our computers, tabloids in the supermarket checkout, we tune out more than we consciously pay attention.

But information isn’t knowledge. Making decisions requires us to put this glut of information into context so we can make sense out of it—and that’s where content comes in. Compelling content combines information with perspective in a way that shows people how they can put that knowledge to use. From your firm’s perspective, content marketing allows your ideal prospects to develop trust in your abilities and ultimately buy from your firm. The fuel that drives this high-performance engine is your point of view.

Everyone has a point of view. Each and every one of your partners, managers, and even younger staff members, is interacting with clients on a daily basis. They are developing their own thoughts and ideas about the issues their clients are struggling with, as well as how your firm can help them overcome those challenges. So how can you tap into that well of potential content?

What Can You Add to the Conversation?

Here’s an exercise for you:

Think of a topic that you want to cover in a blog post or video, and Google it. Take a look at the dozens, hundreds or even thousands of websites covering that topic, and ask yourself, “What can we add to this conversation?” Typically, the answer has nothing to do with facts and figures.

In fact, sometimes the answer to that question is, “Nothing.” The topic is so well covered that there is no opportunity for your firm to stand out from the crowd. If this is the case, then try a different topic. There is almost always a topic on which your firm has a point of view that is different than everyone else’s, and that you can leverage to position the professionals in your firm as an expert.

I think it would be so powerful if every firm, and even every department within every firm, held an annual retreat with the sole purpose of determining the point of view that they want to share with the world for the next year or 18 months.

Ask everyone to come to this retreat prepared to answer just one question: “What is one issue on which we feel strongly enough about, as a group, to take a public stand?” Once you’ve gone through this exercise, you’ll be on the path to creating truly compelling content.

Laura SparksAs owner of Creative Sparks, Laura Sparks helps accounting firms and professionals tell their stories through compelling content. Contact her at or 678-973-0687.

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