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Sales has been moving virtual for years, but it took a global pandemic to help CPAs realize that to stay on the forefront of their growth, they must adapt.

In this program, we go beyond the basics of business development and help you adapt your approach for a modern selling environment. Learn the fundamentals of leveraging video, technology, and virtual communication channels to enrich your business development efforts through four foundational sessions. 


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Session 1: The Intersection Between Traditional + Virtual BD

In this session, we explore the intersection between traditional and virtual business development. We debunk the myth that virtual selling is selling start to finish online. We talk about the foundations of selling online including building trust and influence, creating emotional experiences and building rapport online. 

You'll Learn

  • What changes and what stays the same in virtual selling
  • How to leverage virtual selling channels
  • How to build trust and influence online
  • The importance of emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • How to build rapport online


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Session 2: Networking Virtually

Networking is important to your business, in a virtual and a physical environment. As the rules of engagement continue to evolve and shift, it will be critical for CPAs to learn and master the techniques for building a quality network online.

You'll Learn

  • How to build target lists
  • Strategies for reaching out and making connections
  • Best practices for running virtual networking meetings
  • How to get the most from your efforts


Video Sales Process

Session 3: Best Practices for Integrating Video into the Sales Process

The power of virtual comes from how well you integrate its opportunities into the sales process. By integrating video, you can increase personal connection and empower your sales productivity and results. In this session, we’ll show you best practices for integrating video into your current activities.

You'll Learn

  • How to blend video calls into your sales and client services processes
  • The elements of highly effective video sales calls
  • Best practices for delivering virtual presentations to prospects


Social Selling

Session 4: Social Selling

For every professional, there comes a point when business development is no longer enough. In this session, we’ll introduce social selling techniques to help you better connect with prospects and generate opportunities without coming across like a ‘virtual telemarketer.’

You'll Learn

  • Social selling basics
  • Data-mining strategies to build lists
  • The 4-Step Prospecting Process™
  • Tactics for identifying triggers that help generate opportunities


Ready to take your business development and selling skills to the next level?

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