Don’t Let the Shell Crack

In a way, content marketing is a bit like sales. The common denominator is the same: giving the people what they want, when they want it and how they want it. I recently thought about this while going through the automobile purchasing process. My wife had test driven and selected the car in early April; I then went to the dealership with her at the end of the month (when they’re hungrier to close deals) to negotiate the purchase. When she met the young sales guy three weeks before I did, he was out of business cards. When I met him three weeks later, he was still out of business cards. No salesperson should ever be out of business cards! Of course, this young guy said to me, “I’ll text you my information.” That is exactly the opposite of what I want; I want a business card that I can hold in my hand, not some damn text message. To quote accounting profession notable, Bill Carlino, “but I digress …”

Whether it’s selling a car or providing content to accounting firm clients/prospects/referral sources, you have to hit them appropriately on all levels – providing value, an effective delivery and producing a desire to remain engaged. In a nutshell, there are so many choices in front of us all that if you don’t jump over this collective hurdle, you’ve potentially lost that person (buyer or reader).

We’re now moving on from cars to eggs, but the song remains the same. There are as many different options in creating, marketing and delivering content for professional services firms these days as there are ways to make an omelet at a mile-long breakfast buffet. As with the nature of omelets, the ingredients – and the outcome – are endless. The bottom line, though, consists of quality ingredients (the message); how it’s created (the cooking); and the presentation (the delivery). Of course, it all must be timely, too. Unlike some “evergreen” content, omelets have a shelf life. A seven-hour old omelet isn’t any good. Feel free to quote me on this bold statement.
Omelet Food for thought: the goals for any public accounting firm content or news offering equates to that nicely-cooked, sometimes unique, appropriately served omelet full of fresh ingredients. Turn on the stove and get cookin’!

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