Embracing Content Marketing: A Case Study for Content Marketing Strategy

The Challenge

While content marketing is a big part of most accounting firm marketing strategies today, getting your arms wrapped around development and implementation can be very overwhelming. When you have a large firm, corralling multiple subject matter experts while ensuring content is strategic can add to that frustration.


The Solution Content Marketing Strategy

We worked closely with a regional accounting firm to help them develop a content marketing strategy and process that would be applied across their practice groups and offices. Our approach was to start by understanding what the firm had been doing to date and what was working and not working. We also wanted to understand how the firm went to market and their long-term business goals for growth. Based on this due diligence, we went to work by collaboratively developing their strategy.

We considered who would be involved, from their subject matter experts to their marketing teams capacity and structure. We also defined what the role of content marketing would be for the firm and how that content would be developed. We closely evaluated having content developed in house versus outsourcing it. The last thing we considered was how this content would get to market and how it would integrate into their existing marketing efforts and team.

We helped the firm document both strategy and approach. We then developed a plan to roll it out to the firm. The rollout was initiated with internal training and communications and initially implemented with a specific practice group. In order to ensure content was strategically aligned, we helped them develop a practice group editorial calendar to focus their efforts.


The Result

Overall, the firm has a new roadmap for content marketing, which helped establish a defined process for all content development. There is now a quality review process that ensures consistency and helps the firm mitigate any potential risks. While there was some initial resistance to the program, within 3 months of rolling out content from the editorial calendars, they received 2 significant opportunities as a result of their content marketing efforts.


Disclosure: All case studies represent actual work Inovautus Consulting has performed with their clients. Names and company information is not included to protect our client’s identities. Quantitative data is only shared if it does not reveal any confidential data.

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