Finding and Generating Original Content Ideas

generate ideasContent is at the center of marketing today. From articles to videos, from blog posts to whitepapers – you can’t market in today’s environment without creating content.  The problem is, coming up with original content ideas evades most of us. So what do we write about?

Whether you are new to content development or you’re a seasoned pro, we all hit the wall every now and then. To break through those walls, here are six places to help you look for those attention-grabbing, hard-hitting, original content ideas.

  1. Brainstorm frequently asked questions. Addressing these questions that your prospects or clients have gets the thoughts flowing. I do this often – and in 20 minutes the group has sparked at least half a dozen worthwhile ideas.
  2. Find an article and rewrite it with your own perspective. This works especially well if you are new to writing. While it’s not an original idea, your rewrite will be original. Just make sure to change the article’s flow and tone. Most importantly, though, put your own spin on it. Do not plagiarize the article in any way, shape or form! If you want to quote particular sections, make sure to share the appropriate attribution.
  3. Follow an industry association’s news or publications. This will give you a keen sense of the things that are going on for those niches you serve. It can help spur ideas, keep you in-the-know and also generate opinions that you can develop.
  4. Identify common mistakes. There are many common mistakes that clients make with their taxes, accounting, bookkeeping, and more. Identify these and write “how to” articles that educate.
  5. Pay attention to local and national changes in the law. Legislative changes yield great timely information for content. The best way to stay on top of these is to follow organizations like the AICPA or your state CPA society.
  6. Collaborate with other professional service providers. One suggestion is to have a lawyer write an article and then you add your perspective to the piece. Publish it jointly and then both firms get mileage out of the content.

As experts in your field working with clients or on client work, you are all uniquely qualified to identify great original content ideas. Keep a pad of paper or file at the ready for when the mental lightning bolts strike you. Jot them down and you’ll have a great list of starters the next time you need to develop content. A well-stocked content queue isn’t that hard to develop with an open mind and attention to these six helpful tips.

Do you see something we missed? Share your ideas for generating original content!

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