Giving Thanks in America’s Business World

When we look at our business and work lives, there are countless things for which to be thankful on this Thanksgiving Day.

Certainly, marked on the “thankful” list is the ability and intelligence to perform our jobs. There’s the opportunity to have the job, too. Our co-workers, business associates, work conditions, etc., all enter into this mix for most of us.

Make no mistake, Thanksgiving Day has an awful lot to do with freedom. We all have the freedom in this country to pursue one’s desired line of work, where we work, where we live and more. I suspect we’re all deeply thankful for our vast American-style freedom of choice (even if you despise where you work, hate where you live or you want to punch your cubicle mate in the head).IMG_1706

With same-sex marriage now legal in more than 30 states, we’re seeing the occasional athlete and business leader “come out” regarding their sexual orientation. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is perhaps the highest profile executive to have done so. There will be a lot more of this news by the time we hit Thanksgiving Day next year – and that’s a good thing.

At a recent accounting profession conference many of us were talking about how today’s accounting firms are so much more accepting of all races, creeds, colors, lifestyles and religious beliefs. We’re also seeing greater numbers of women as partners in firms – and as managing partners, too. The profession has not only evolved from the stereotypical green eyeshade-wearin’, bean countin’ old white man to today’s savvy, proactive professional advisor…but it’s also grown in terms of tolerance, work/life balance and abundant opportunities.

Today is the day to count blessings, whatever they may be. I’d write more, but a pumpkin pie is calling my name.

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