Go Into the Unknown

In mid-May I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to John Henry Livingston  at a AAA meeting. No, not the automotive AAA, but rather, the Association for Accounting Administration. If any of us in this meeting had encountered an unfortunate flat tire in the parking lot, rest assured, we would have called the automotive AAA and not the accounting AAA. Easy decision.

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This particular meeting was at the Ohio Society of CPAs where we also had really good fruit muffins (and it’s happened there before, folks). Livingston’s topic on this glorious fruit muffin-eating day was titled “The IT Factor: Building Team Chemistry.” There’s a load that could be said about the session, but I simply offer these snippets that I feverishly scrawled amidst the muffin crumbs. Let John Henry Livingston’s valuable bits ‘n bobs serve as fuel for thought at your public accounting firm, your place of business, or simply inside your own head as you drive or take the train home at the end of the day.

You operate in a world in which solutions are required

You want to create a demand on how you think

Challenge yourself to grow

Have solutions that not everyone else has

Elevate your game

Develop the ability to handle the unexpected

Enable the ability to give birth to great visions

Recognize things that are right in front of you

Look at how you do things every day … differently

Everything you need to succeed, you already have

We are not out to prove a point – we are here to point you in the right direction

What are you looking for? How you start each day has a lot to do with how that day ends

Don’t assume that when people come to work they “get it”

Create change, achieve balance, focus on you

Every day you have an opportunity to be the best there is

If you’re excited about discovery, the work environment benefits

Develop the razor-sharp tools that you need to attack your goals and let your mind breathe

Go into the “unknown” and be dedicated to getting there


Pretty darned good stuff, huh? I challenge you to give this list the thought and contemplation it deserves. It’s rattled around in my head during more than one mow of the yard, let me tell ‘ya.

Now, more about AAA, which has nearly 1,000 members in North America. The organization’s 2014 National Practice Management Conference is coming up in a few days. Titled “Catch a wAAAve,” the gathering is aptly named since it’s taking place in San Diego. I won’t be at the conference, but our own Sarah Johnson Dobek  will be there delivering a hearty session called “Build Your Recruiting Pipeline.” Hopefully you can catch this wave.

Ohio AAA_051614 A


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