How Curated Content Can Help Improve Your Content Marketing Program

Curated content, or as we like to call it, third-party content, is an important part of any content marketing strategy. It can help you stay abreast of what is going on in your markets, give you ideas for your own content development, and position you as a resource in your industry. Today, content marketing is all about sharing relevant, useful information within your communities. Here are 3 ways accounting firms can use curated content to improve their content marketing efforts.


  1. Identify Trends and Topics

A good content marketing program starts with reading. In many accounting firms, generating organic content can be tough simply because those in charge of writing aren’t sure what to write about. By curating content, your writers will get a handle on what is happening in your marketplace and identify current trends and topics. This practice will do a few things for your firm. Not only will it help generate ideas for original content, it will also help keep your firm informed of critical changes to tax or accounting laws and regulations. It will also help the professionals developing business stay better informed about what is going on in the markets they serve.


  1. Share on Social Media Repurpose

A good social media strategy should have some element of content sharing. This practice helps build your community and positions your firm as a resource within your industry. For accounting firms, this is extremely important. Sharing only your own content can be too self-promoting. The channel you are most active on should dictate the percentage of third party content that you share. For example, Twitter’s high volume of activity lends itself to sharing more third party content than Facebook.


  1. Use Your Newsletter

While your newsletter should have lots of original content, you can also share curated content. Sharing third party content shifts the focus from being completely on you and helps you communicate relevant and useful information to your clients and community. This practice helps position you as a go-to resource.


Curated content can be a valuable asset to your content marketing efforts. Whether you’re a new firm and are just starting to generate content marketing or you’re finding that you need to be more proactive on social media, start by curating the content your market will care about.

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