How to Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn announced recently that they will be rolling out a new kind of Advertising, sponsored updates. Over the past 12 months, LinkedIn has been refining it’s platform to streamline the user experience. They have become a central source where users can go to find, share, and consume business related content. Here is what you need to know about sponsored updates:

How Sponsored Updates Work

Sponsored updates allow your to promote any post from a Company Page to a specific audience they define. Similar to PPC (pay per click campaigns), sponsored updates will be charged based on actual clicks or impressions. These updates will then show up natively in a users feed.

Why LinkedIn Sponsored Updates?

Sponsored updates provide a great way to get visibility beyond your company page followers to a highly targeted group of people. Today, most firms we work with need more visibility. By sharing highly targeted content to the right audience, you will see higher engagement and ultimately a higher ROI.

This is a great way to leverage your existing content and get more from it. When tied to a landing page with valuable and relevant content, this could help increase the ROI of a campaign.

Getting Started with Sponsored Updates

If you want to give sponsored updates a try, you will need to have a company page set-up and you need to be sharing posts through that page.

Once you have a posted and update you want to sponsor, simply click on the sponsor update button.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

From there, you will be taken through a series of screens to create your campaign. You will have the option to target your campaign by industry, title, groups, gender, age and more.  From there you will select your campaign bidding options and duration of your campaign.

As of the date of this post, LinkedIn has only rolled this out to companies with an existing account. However, they are expecting to provide all companies access to this by the end of July.  Stay tuned for more as we experiment with sponsored updates.

What do you think about sponsored updates?

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