How’s Your Lead Generation Strategy Playing Out?

Upon reading an article by Stuart Leung about six lead generating ideas and approaches that allow you to hone your B2B strategy (and actually work), what hit home the most for me was toward the end of the piece where it mentioned that quality leads are built over time. I often hear the question, “How many leads did the lead generation campaign bring in?” There’s a part of me that has to chuckle a bit when I hear that question, as it’s a bit like those campy old jokes that start out with something like, “A man and his pet monkey walk into a bar …”

As the article points out, the “quick and dirty” lead generation techniques designed to bring in immediate potential customers typically aren’t as profitable as those carefully targeted leads that are married to the steady process of effective inbound marketing and lead nurturing. Think of it this way: does your firm want a bunch of new $500 1040 clients or a few family-owned businesses with multiple branches growing out of the core engagement, equating to five-figure annual fees? There’s nothing wrong with either path – it just depends on the type of firm or accounting practice. If you’re in the former, then crank up the lead machine H&R Block style and reel in the 1040 clients like you’re catching fish in a barrel. If you’re thinking more along the lines of landing long-term meaningful business clients with various entities and future consulting assignments, then play that hand accordingly. iStock_000033962654Small

Lead generation and strategy, regardless of the type of strategy employed, go hand-in-hand. Quantity or quality … that is the question. Either way, now’s a good time to take a step back and review how you’re handling lead generation. Even if it’s humming along like a Porsche engine, there may be some aspects that need tweaking or there’s opportunity to toss some new things into the mix. Drive safely.

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