Increase your visibility with LinkedIn

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If you are like most professionals, you probably have a LinkedIn profile but aren’t sure what it can do for you. LinkedIn is one of today’s top digital tools for helping professionals grow their practice. There is a lot LinkedIn can do, but one of the top benefits is its ability to increase your visibility.

Increase your visibility

Lets face it: an important part of growing your business is about increasing your visibility in front of the right people so they know who you are. LinkedIn boasts more than 100 million members that represent key decision-makers, including all Fortune 500 CEOs. Even more importantly, they are a go-to resource for people searches (more than two billion last year) and often come up in search results well before your bio on your company website.

Your profile should differentiate you

But visibility isn’t just about having a profile set up. Using LinkedIn to increase your visibility requires a good profile that differentiates you online. At a bare minimum you should have a complete profile that includes your picture, title and company information filled out as well as a great summary section and complete education and work experience.

Ideally, the summary section should not be cookie-cutter, nor should it be an exact replica of your professional bio. Use the summary to provide some meaningful and relevant information about your experience that would encourage someone to reach out to you.

Why your connections matter

The success you have on LinkedIn is directly tied to your network. The companies you have worked for, where you went to school, the groups you join and even your connections all cast a net.  It basically tells LinkedIn where there are possible connections. The wider and more targeted this net is, the more visibility you will obtain. At a bare minimum, you will want to make sure you have listen all your education as well as every company you have worked for professionally.

What visibility can do for you

On LinkedIn, increased visibility keeps you in front of decision makers. This translates into more connections, which when leveraged correctly can help create more opportunities for business. It can also solicit direct action—like a phone call inquiring about your services. Finally, when used proactively, it can help you identify opportunities for business as well as position you for those opportunities.

If you haven’t take a look at your profile recently, spend a few minutes updating it and see what it can do for you.

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