LinkedIn Removes Contact Export Tool

In another quiet move to change its platform, LinkedIn recently (last week) removed a key tool that allows you to export your contacts. Like many of the changes it rolls out, LinkedIn failed to communicate this to users. While we love many things about LinkedIn, its communication strategy isn’t one of them.


What this means for accounting firms

For accounting firms and partners that regularly use LinkedIn in their business-development efforts and to network, removing instant access to your contacts is a huge pain. It will make it a little more difficult to get to the information you need, but not impossible.


How to access your contacts going forward

LinkedIn is still making this accessible, but you must go through LinkedIn. You now have to request an archive of your data through its website, which can take up to 72 hours. Here is how to do that:


  1. While logged in to your LinkedIn profile, navigate to your Account & Settings and select Privacy & Settings.
  2. From the Privacy & Settings screen, select account

LI image 1



  1. Click on request and archive of your data in the right-hand column


  1. You’ll be brought to a screen where you can request your data. Upon clicking this, you’ll receive a confirmation that your request will be sent via email within 72 hours.

LI image 2


LI image 3

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