A Passion for the Accounting Profession

Our Mission

Our name, Inovautus, is a creative combination of the English word innovate, and the Latin word autus, which means growth. The mission of our company is to help firms grow faster and in the right direction. 

Our Values

  • We keep our commitments to each other and our clients.
  • We promote growth, collaboration, transparency, and initiative.
  • We hold each other accountable.
Why Work With Inovautus

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission and values holistically complement our commitment to diversity. At Inovautus, we firmly believe that in order to innovate, we must hold space for multiple approaches and points of view. We know that without diversity of thought, ideas become stale, progress stagnates, and innovation stalls. We embrace an inclusive culture and together we actively pursue opportunities to grow, change, and continually address the value of diversity both at home and abroad.

Why Accounting Firms Choose Us

We know and understand the accounting profession.

In 2011, Sarah Johnson Dobek decided to translate her passion for the profession and entrepreneurial spirit into a consulting firm with a mission to help accounting firms grow faster and in the right direction. We proudly represent a full range of accounting firms and work hard to stay on top of trends, while integrating best practices with practical application. Sarah is a top influencer in the accounting profession, having been named a “Top 100 Most Influential Person” seven times by Accounting Today and a “Top 20 Under 40 Vendor” three times by CPA Practice Advisor. All of our consultants have worked inside accounting firms as marketing professionals with a seat at the leadership table.


We believe growth isn’t just about marketing or sales.

On top of our passion for the accounting profession, our consultants have experience in all elements of the CPA firm value chain, having worked in small accounting firms, middle market firms, and Big 4. We look beyond the marketing and sales function with an understanding that practice management, HR, operations and other functions can impact the way in which a CPA firm grows. Drawing from our experience as former marketing directors of CPA firms and as vendors and consultants to the profession, we empower our clients to become drivers of growth, not just in part but as a whole culture.


We focus on results and value.

Today, in a market saturated with great thinkers, Inovautus Consulting stands out as a professional service firm that thrives in execution. We craft our growth plans with a strategic CMO/CGO perspective and then leverage our combined in-house and consulting marketing experience to help accounting firms execute on growth objectives.


Our accountability and scalability are designed to meet your evolving needs.

We understand that personal attention and responsiveness are very important to our clients. Because we are a virtual firm, we have the technology and discipline necessary to scale our teams and maintain communication with clients throughout the natural cycles of firm growth. Our practical, team approach has proven to be very successful across our client base. We want you to count on us – the same way you count on your key employees.

Sarah Dobek Inovautus

I loved working with CPAs so much that I founded a consulting firm dedicated to helping accounting firms with marketing, sales, and growth. A few years later, I became president of a geographically diverse CPA association. My career, passion, and drive allow me to serve the accounting profession with the same enthusiasm and curiosity I had on day 1.

-President and Founder Sarah Johnson Dobek