Measuring Client Satisfaction: A Case Study for Client Surveys

The Challenge

Like many accounting firms, a certain 20-partner accounting firm was looking to better evaluate their client service levels. This firm had never performed a client satisfaction survey and was a little apprehensive about it. Their goal was to look for insight on how to improve their client service levels and find a way to create a simple program that could be run annually or bi-annually.


The Solution

We helped the firm develop a simple survey to evaluate their client service satisfaction using the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The survey was comprised of 9 questions and was delivered to their clients via email.


We chose the NPS as the basis for the survey because it provided a great baseline for benchmarking. We structured the survey in such a way that we were able to measure satisfaction by service representative (partners and managers). We posed a few clarification questions to allow us to discern why the respondent provided the particular NPS score. Lastly, we incorporated several open-ended questions to identify areas for additional services that could be performed and obtain additional information from the client.client satisfaction


The Result

Overall, we received good results from the survey. In addition to the firm receiving a high NPS, the firm was also able to identify key areas of service that needed some work. They were also able to provide specific feedback to certain individuals on how to improve their customer service skills. They could also use this feedback as a way to establish performance goals and be in a position to measure improvement a year from now.


Disclosure: All case studies represent actual work Inovautus Consulting has performed with their clients. Names and company information is not included to protect our client’s identities. Quantitative data is only shared if it does not reveal any confidential data.

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