My Small Business Story

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn in honor or Small Business Week 2019.

The First Chapter

I was given the opportunity to start a business in my first CPA firm. Two amazing mentors (my CPA firm partners)  encouraged me to share my passion and gift for marketing with our clients.

Although my first attempt at running a business didn’t result in lasting success, the experience taught me two valuable lessons that I carry with me to this day.

  1. Owning a business isn’t only about doing what you love.
  2. Making your dreams a reality is hard work.

When I launched my first business, admittedly, I was too green to identify my niche or anticipate the realities of running my own show. While I was treading water; however, I confirmed my passion for consulting and advisory. I held onto that spark while I pursued other endeavors and three years later, the opportunity to start a business was once again within reach.


The Second Chapter

This time, I walked through the door with my eyes wide open. This time, I realized that

  • starting a business wouldn’t just be about my passion,
  • my principal interest would be about my clients, and
  • it would be hard work.

This realization meant I might struggle for a while – I was even prepared to take on another job to make ends meet. When the time came, I rolled up my sleeves and told myself I would give it a year. Fortunately, I never needed that second job. My business quickly became a success. Eight years later, I am still going strong with an incredible team by my side.

To My Fellow Entrepreneurs

To everyone thinking about starting a small business, it’s important to recognize that owning a business isn’t about you, your passion or your skills. That’s the recipe for a hobby. Owning a business is about translating your passion into a solution for clients. Owning a small business is wearing and balancing a lot (A LOT) of hats. To those of you that have started and failed and to those that have succeeded, you are all amazing.



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