The Growth Outlook for Accounting Firms

Accounting firms looking to evolve need a healthy bottom line, the energy and resources to scale, and the ability to expand their business without compromising quality.

At Inovautus, we know that good data is the cornerstone of strategy.

When we developed the Growth Outlook Survey in 2020, we did so with the intention of learning what the profession was doing in the face of crisis and their outlook for an uncertain year. Now, the survey has become a mainstay for accounting firms looking to benchmark themselves in 3 key categories:

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Business Development

In collaboration with the Association for Accounting Marketing, the Inovautus Consulting Growth Outlook Survey takes an annual pulse check on the state of marketing and growth across the accounting firm profession. Participant firms, representing a diverse cross-section of revenue and geographic identity, help us uncover trends, shifts, and intentions. The insightful results of the survey inform and educate decision makers, movers and shakers, and the just-plain curious.

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Inovautus helps Accounting Firms Grow Faster and in the Right Direction

We can help your firm build the roadmap to achieve desired growth objectives. Our practical approach creates not only short-term value by delivering a plan to spur your growth, but also helps build your success long term. Our consultants, trainers, and coaches have extensive experience working specifically with accounting firms, which helps us understand your firm’s culture and ultimate goals.

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