Building a Virtual Consulting Firm with a Focus on Helping CPAs Grow Their Firms

Our president, Sarah Johnson Dobek, was recently interviewed by the hosts of the Staying Power Podcast, a show that explores the challenges business owners face as they grow. In this episode, Sarah and her hosts discuss

  • accountability and clear expectations,
  • building culture,
  • overcoming major doubts and challenges, and
  • guidance on how to pivot and reposition during the Coronavirus crisis.

Listen here for the full episode


Discussing Fees in the Midst of a Crisis

What you’re charging clients is a delicate subject even in the best of times, and the current crisis makes it even more uncomfortable. In your accounting firm, the only policy you should have is that you bill for your services. This position does not prevent you from customizing payment options with your clients, it allows you to protect your value while showing compassion. Handling this complicated topic demands case-by-case judgment and is a great opportunity to discuss flat-fee billing. Listen here



Structuring Your Firm’s Coronavirus Plan

Proactive communication is a best practice for every advisor, but there is a subtle shift that takes place in times of crisis. Your clients need you more than ever! Right now, CPAs have a rare opportunity to make as many meaningful connections as time will allow. Firms need to start by identifying which clients matter most to them, and then reach out with a goal to listen, validate, and assure, according to Sarah Dobek of Inovautus Consulting. Listen here



Strong Client Service During COVID-19 Will Help You Build for the Future

Sometimes it may be hard to believe, but the coronavirus pandemic will eventually conclude. When the experience has passed, the CPA firms who are most likely to survive are the ones who extended the best experience to their clients during the struggle. PICPA’s CPA Conversations host William J. Hayes interviewed our founder and president, Sarah Dobek, on the ways strong client experience helps firms build for the future. Sarah shares why reaching out to clients to get a feel for how they are dealing with an unprecedented situation, prioritizing discussions with your best clients, and being empathetic in the area of fee collection is essential to serving your clients (and firm) in crisis. Listen here


Reaching Next Generation Clients

Just as the rising generations of accountants have very different characteristics from the baby boomer generation, so does the rising generation of clients. Firm leaders are used to thinking that the younger accountants they’re hiring have different expectations and different characteristics as employees — but they may not be as attuned to the fact that younger clients also have different expectations and characteristics. Listen here




Growth Trends in Accounting

When it comes to growing an accounting firm, commitment, persistence, and education are as important as the strategies and approaches employed, according to Sarah Dobek of Inovautus Consulting. Listen here




Growth is the Goal

Accounting firms often find that they’re not achieving the growth goals they’re hoping for – and the problem frequently lies with them. In this podcast, Sarah Johnson Dobek explores why firms often get in their own way when it comes to growth strategies. Listen here





Differentiating Your Firm

In today’s market, it’s crucial to stand out. Inovautus Consulting’s Sarah Johnson Dobek offers some valuable advice on that front. Listen here





Creating a Better Client Experience

Client expectations are changing rapidly, and not just in terms of the services they expect; in this podcast, Sarah Johnson Dobek explains how firms need to improve the client experience they offer. Listen here




Learning to Talk to Your Clients About Fees

Accountants too often shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to talking to clients about fees, and Inovautus Consulting’s Sarah Johnson Dobek encourages them not to be afraid to stand up for themselves and their value to make these conversations less awkward. Listen here