Growing your firm requires staying up-to-date on the vast and ever-changing marketing landscape. With precision focus, we’ve cobbled together webinars that will help you move down the marketing road – straighter and faster.

Advising Clients Through Uncertainty: What CPA Firms Can Do Now to Survive and Thrive

Sarah Dobek explains what you should be focused on right now to survive and thrive. We’ll discuss

  • How to prioritize your efforts
  • What your client service should be focused on right now
  • How to talk to your clients about the impacts of COVID-19 to their business
  • Discussing fees in a time of crisis
  • Approaches for revenue generation
  • Key communications you must stay on top of right now


The Professional’s Role in Client Transition

Sarah Dobek explains why client transition is no longer synonymous with succession planning and is, in fact, a sign of a growing CPA firm. In this webinar, Sarah will also discuss:

  • The role of client transition beyond the retirement process
  • The impact of client transition on the firm
  • Barriers to successful transition
  • Developing a transition plan and your role in it
  • The client experience as part of the transition process


How to Build a Consulting Practice

Join Sarah Johnson Dobek for a session on How to Build a Consulting Practice. CPA firms can’t rely on compliance services alone to grow their firms. They must begin offering value-added services clients really want. Consulting services will be a key driver for growth in most firms.  In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • The consulting services many firms are offering and exploring
  • How to identify the right services to offer
  • The difference between delivering consulting services vs. compliance services
  • Best practices for pricing and selling consulting services


How to Position Yourself and Your Firm as a Thought Leader

Establishing a service or industry niche can be a great platform for helping your accounting firm differentiate itself in the marketplace.  In some cases, specialization happens organically – a professional has deep technical knowledge in a particular service, or a firm already has a grouping of clients in a particular industry.  Many CPA firms who have service or industry specializations frequently use the term “thought leadership.”  But what does it mean to be a thought leader?  And how can it help to grow your practice?

Understanding and developing thought leadership can be a daunting task, particularly for firms with established niche practices.  Participants in this session will gain useful takeaways for building thought leadership in their firms, including:

  • Overcoming common obstacles
  • Defining what it means to be a thought leader, why thought leadership matters, and how thought leaders can differ from niche leaders
  • Identifying traits of effective thought leaders
  • Tips for becoming & supporting thought leaders


Acting As A Growth Coach to Your Partners

So many firms confuse the roles of marketing and business development, and the confusion that ensues can be disappointing to both marketers and to the partners.  Attend this session where we’ll discuss ideas for empowering marketing managers, directors, partners and business development professionals to be strategic advisors, coaches, trainers and cheerleaders to help your firm’s leaders create a culture of genuine growth.  Topics include:

  • Clarify the role of a marketing manager/director to serve in a blended environment of traditional marketing and business development
  • Gain a clear commitment at the top
  • Define Business Development and Growth and gaining buy in from managers, principals and partners on their roles in driving both
  • Create a methodology for “delivering” business development services to your internal clients
  • Set goals and align them with your firm’s strategy
  • Measure and show success to gain more “converts”

Leave this session with concrete ideas to build true business development ability and success within your firm without having to become “the salesperson” yourself.