Is Your P.R. Anchored in News or Is It Frivolous?

Are you familiar with the breakfast cereal Alpha-Bits? It’s a wild mix of letters, offering a somewhat disgustingly sweet yet bland taste. I have an idea for an accounting-based version: take the same concept and turn the letters into numbers. The packaging and marketing efforts could then play up an accountant who’s a super hero of sorts. Brilliant, I know.

We can all imagine various mutations of the advertising and promotion for this numeric CFO-cravin’ cereal, but what about the press releases? That’s an equally wide-open range for creative fodder, all leading down the hallway of increased sales, no doubt. Still, though, as fun as this product and its marketing could be (even for the non-accounting crowd), the press releases for the product would still need to be news-based. Think of it in terms of these possible press release titles. Wacky, yes … but they’re grounded in that bowl of milk called “news.”

CPA in Milwaukee Eats 47 Bowls of (Name of Cereal) in One Day

Game of “Number Scrabble” in Rainstorm Causes Traffic Jam

Woman Purchases 875 Boxes of Accounting Cereal to Give to San Diego Homeless Shelters

This article speaks to the how and why of press releases being entwined in worthwhile news. You’ll particularly love my bit about the sidewalk (was that firm really being serious?).

When you eat your next bowl of cereal, study this image below. It’s a winner.

what not to do

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